Our Source

We are fortunate enough to have the advantage of already established networks with Japanese cultivators, and we work closely alongside them to select only the finest ingredients. We take pride in developing world-class products by sourcing from the best ethical, ecologically friendly, and expert tea producers. The Meet Your Matcha green tea selection is carefully chosen from our manufacturers to cater to our customers’ different palettes.

To get high-quality tea, we work exclusively with producers in Shizuoka, which is renowned for being the best tea growing region in Japan due to its favorable climate. The teas are cultivated and kept nutritious by the freshly melted water from the icy tops of Mount Fuji. Approximately 40% or more of all Japanese green tea is grown and produced in Shizuoka.

Our manufacturing partners organize and lead a consortium of 120 tea farms in Shizuoka, and they don’t compromise on production standards, which means all our products are made from the highest grade green tea leaves to ensure that only premium quality tea reaches the consumer.